My Services

I provide a range of professional and creative services to companies, bloggers, web builders and fellow authors. Please find below a summary of some of these services, however to discuss your specific needs and requirements please do not hesitate to contact me today by e-mail at – or fill out the Contact Form.

Article Writing

Article Writing - Phil Andrews

I have many years of experience in writing uncredited, high-quality, English-language content for SEO purposes and to help you populate your blog or website with grammatically precise, interesting and well-researched material.

Not before time, Google and many other search engines are moving away from their old practice of awarding authority on the simple basis of recognising a series of keywords in sequence, and towards a more rewarding appreciation of natural, well-structured, organic content.

Gone are the days of random paid-for links, white text and ill-fitting anchor text as a means of tricking largely disinterested visitors into happening across your site. Increasingly the best means of attracting visitors today is through making your pages as natural, informative and appealing as they can be.

Your blog pages are what gives your website its substance, reeling in visitors who can then be directed to your static pages and sidebars, to all the content that you really want them to see. So it is important that they are interesting and well-written, holding the attention of the reader for as long as possible.

Click here, here and here to see some examples of my written work.

Web Content

Web Content - Phil Andrews

Usually your core content on your static pages will change very little, so it is important that it is easy to read and free of spelling mistakes and typographical errors.

Some years back I was surprised to discover that a leading Chinese betting company which was looking to expand its online operation into the UK market was touting its services to potential customers in barely intelligible English. It seemed there was nobody on the team who could write like a native. No shame in that – my Mandarin isn’t the best – but it left the visitor with the impression that here was a product which was in some way alien to and unfamiliar with the domestic market. I offered my services and for less than £50 that company had a completely new presentation which could engage confidently with English-speaking customers and compete on a level footing with some of the more established UK brands. That’s money well spent in anyone’s language.

If you ran a shop in the high street you wouldn’t let the paint peel on your front door or the windows get dirty so that the products behind it looked unappealing. Your website is your shop window, hire a professional to make it look its best.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging - Phil Andrews

Depending upon how much authority your website or blog has with the search engines, in some circumstances I would be happy to reduce or even waive my fee for writing a blog article in exchange for a discreet link back to my own website.

Inbound links are one of the best ways in which to raise the profile of your work and to attract visitors to your site. We all want to cultivate them – I am no exception.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss.

Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing - Phil Andrews

There are countless articles out there on the web, either uncredited or under somebody else’s name, which I have written. When you pay for my services, unless otherwise agreed you acquire full ownership of the article, and thereafter it is yours to do with as you please.

If your content reads well it reflects favourably upon your product or service. Doing it right first time means you’ll only have to do it once, leaving you free to concentrate on building your core business.

If you would like me to ghost write an article, or a piece of text for your site, I’d be happy to oblige. Get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements.


Proofreading - Phil Andrews

You won’t get any closer to 100% accuracy than with my proofreading services. All work is treble-checked manually as well as being run through a spell checker to ensure that all content and sentence structure is correct as well as just the spelling.

I will never submit any work to a client that I would not be happy to display on my own sites, and in my own name. I take pride in the quality of my work, that is how you know you can depend on me to provide you with word-perfect content at all times.


Copywriting - Phil Andrews

Not sure how to phrase it? Let me. I will ensure not only that your text is legible and well-written but also that it is fit for the purpose for which it is intended, where necessary suggesting options and engaging with you along the way to make certain that the finished product is precisely what you were looking for.